Infrared Sauna Benefits

Lenson Sauna Features

-Simply Relaxing  
-Removes Heavy Metals
-Burns Calories and Controls Weight
-Boost Metabolism
-Improve Blood Circulation
-Strengthen the Immune System
-Increases Energy Levels
-Reduces Stress
-Provides Pain Relief
-Strengthens Cardiovascular System
-Eases Joint/Muscle Pain & Stiffness
-Improves Skin
-Improves Sleep

-Carbon Infrared Sauna Emitters
-JVC MP3/CD/AM/FM Stereo
-Chromotherapy Lighting
-Hemlock or Cedar Construction
-Heaters - Lifetime Warranty
-Plugs into 120V outlet
-Digital Control Panel
-Quick Latch Assembly
-No Plumbing Required
-No Venting Required
-Adjustable Fresh Air Vent
-Reading Light
-Tempered Glass






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